2019 NAVHDA Film Fest




We want to hear from you!

With an ever-increasing multimedia presence amoug our membership, NAVHDA is launching the 2019 Film Fest, called #WHATSYOURNAVHDA.

This is a great opportunity for you to share your versatile hunting dog experiences through film by showcasing your NAVHDA training, testing and hunting experiences.

Who is eligible to enter?
Any NAVHDA International member in good standing can submit a film.

How to enter?
All submissions must be received by December 31st, 2019. Film submissions are required in digital format. All persons submitting a film must CLICK HERE complete the “NAVHDA 2019 Film Fest Form.”  Please contact the Director of Promotions, Andy Doak at , for more information on how to upload and submit your film.

What’s the purpose of this Film Fest?
To offer NAVHDA members a way to share your experiences and the thrill of hunting with a well-trained versatile hunting dog. Film submissions will be ranked by a NAVHDA International committee based on key criteria, and considered to be shared to NAVHDA members and on social media.

What is encouraged in your film submission?

Films with the following content are encouraged. These are the key areas that will be considered when ranking the submissions.
  • Representation of NAVHDA’s core mission and principles.
  • Versatile Hunting Dog training, testing and hunting activities and experiences, both Upland and Waterfowl.
  • Comradery amongst local NAVHDA chapter members.
  • Mentoring and helping one another train versatile hunting dogs.
  • Footage including multiple NAVHDA recognized versatile hunting dog breeds.
  • Safe and lawful training, testing and hunting practices.
  • Quality of content, film creativity and editing.


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