Apprentice Judge Incentive Program

With the explosion in new members and chapters, we are going to need more judges, especially in the West. We understand that the skyrocketing travel costs may be a barrier for some to enter the Apprentice Program. The Judging & Testing Committee has recommended, and the Executive Council has approved, the following changes for those individuals in the Apprentice Judge program.  These changes are also provided to incentivize those individuals who may be considering entering the Apprentice Program.


  • To enter the Apprentice Judge program, the prospective Apprentice must attend an Aims & Rules Clinic. Once the prospective Apprentice is approved to enter the Apprentice program, if desired, a refund for his or her clinic fee may be submitted.  Approved Apprentice applicants, as well as current Apprentices, may submit this Expense Voucher for the clinic fee refund to the Central Office.
  • Previous guidelines required apprentices to apprentice out of their area twice.  To reduce travel costs, the out of area requirement has been modified to require just one out of area test.
  • For Apprentices approved as NAVHDA judges at the 2023 annual meeting, and beyond, a $500 refund, if requested, will be authorized to help defer travel costs incurred during apprenticeship.  As with the Aims and Rules clinic fees, a voucher may be submitted to the Central Office.
  • Please note that all aspects of this program are subject to annual review and modification.

Apprentice Judge Program Information

Apprentice Judge Aims & Rules Clinic fee voucher

This program is subject to annual review and may be modified or discontinued based on NAVHDA’s needs and demands.