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NAVHDA’s Breeder Awards were created by the leaders of the organization in an effort to foster and reward selective breeding. In addition to recognizing progeny that attain consistent test scores, NAVHDA strongly promotes DNA testing of all dogs along with hip certification, which is incorporated into the advanced Breeder Award levels. The stringent criteria for the various awards and the list of Breeder Award recipients provide prospective puppy buyers in-depth insights when identifying reputable breeders.

Breeder Award Criteria for Natural Ability

Breeder Award Criteria for Utility 

Breeder Award Criteria for Invitational

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Breeder Award Recipients, 1969-2022

Breeder Award by Sire and Owner, 1969-2022

Breeder Award Applications  (Same application is used for Natural Ability, Utility and Invitational Tests (VC) )