NAVHDA International has a program to help support chapters who are “Making A Difference” by fundraising for mission-related, non-profit organizations outside of NAVHDA.  This program provides an opportunity for chapters to reach out beyond their own members, to gain potential support from any NAVHDA member. Please see below for all support guidelines, eligibility, and requirements.

Within calendar year 2023 we will support 5 such fundraising events per year.

  • First come first served.
  • Approval by Executive Council (EC) will be based on meeting the program requirements.
  • Once five are approved it is closed for the year.


  • Recipient of funds must be a non-profit organization with proof of 501c3 status
  • Not to directly benefit any established NAVHDA Chapters
  • Must be linked to NAVHDA Mission either directly or indirectly
    • Examples:
    • Canine Health & Wellness Issues
    • Conservation
    • Hunter Education
    • Disabled Hunters/Veterans

How NAVHDA International will support

  • NAVHDA will provide a ½ page ad in the VHD to solicit support for your fundraiser at no cost.
  • Chapter(s) sponsoring the fundraiser are urged to submit a VHD article to highlight their success.
  • NAVHDA International Facebook (2 posts: An initial post advertising the fundraiser, and a second post after the fundraiser is completed focusing on a description and summary of the fundraiser).
  • If desired by the sponsoring chapter, NAVHDA will send one email to all members via constant contact advertising the fundraiser.
  • NAVHDA International may consider, on a case-by-case basis, providing direct financial support based on each individual approved application.

Must be a current NAVHDA chapter in good standing.

Questions/How to apply:
All questions regarding “NAVHDA CHAPTERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE” and completed applications can be directed to:

Kimberley Arnett
NAVHDA Managing Director



Interested Chapters: please CLICK HERE for the application.