NAVHDA office:

Elected Positions

  President:  David Trahan  
  Vice President:  Bob Hauser  
  Treasurer:  Richard Holt  
  Secretary: Angie Coenen  

Appointed Positions

  Past President:   Marilyn Vetter  
  Director of Testing:  Dan Wittman  
  Director of Judge Development:  Chip Bonde  
  Director of Publications:  Tim Otto  
  Director of Promotions:  Andy Doak  
  Director of Information Technology:  Steve Greger  
  Director of Registry:  Lisa Pehur  
  Director of the Invitational:  Tracey Nelson  
  VHD Publisher:  Mary Burpee  


  Office Manager:  Maria Bondi-Principato  
  Office Assistant & Webmaster:  Marion Hoyer  
  Office Assistant:  Cheryl Sziel  
  IT Specialist:  Natalie Ebbens  


General Inquiries

(847) 253-6488,
Fax (847) 255-5987

P.O. Box 520
Arlington Heights, IL 60006