Testing Forms


Aims, Programs and Test Rules

Aims, Programs and Test Rules (French Translation)

Test Entry Form

Test Entry Form for the 2023 Invitational – Deadline for submitting your entry was March 1, 2023.

Test Secretary Information

Test Capacity Chart – Number of dogs for a regular and maximum test

Request Approval For Holding a NAVHDA Test

Map of Regions For Requesting Out Of Region Judges

Request Form for Approval of Your Choice of Judges

Approved Judges 



Judge’s Test Report – Complete one form for each judge team for each day

Test Information Report – Complete one form for each judge team for each day

Apprentice Judge Evaluation Form – Complete one form for each apprentice judge for each day

Acting Senior Judge Application

Acting Senior Judge Evaluation Form

Senior Judge Application

Mentor Responsibilities

Expense Voucher


Apprentice Judges:

Apprentice Judge Program Information – Explains duties and responsibilities of an apprentice judge.

Apprentice Judge Application

Apprentice Judge Evaluation Form

Apprentice Judge Year End Activity Report

Application to Become a Judge


Test Score Cards:

NA Card

UPT Card

UT Card


Aims & Rules Clinics:

Holding an Aims & Rules Clinic

Application Requesting Approval to hold an Aims & Rules Clinic

Youth Program Forms

Kristin Rieser Youth Aims & Rules Clinic Program Application  – scholarships for handlers under 19 years old to attend an Aims & Rules Clinic.

NAVHDA Youth Testing Fee Reimbursement Form

Youth Events Application