The first NAVHDA Invitational was held in 1988 in Ontario, Canada, and, since that time, has been held in seven different states from Maine to North Dakota. Since 2009, the NAVHDA Invitational has alternated between two fantastic locations: the Buckeye Chapter in Ohio and the Hawkeye Chapter in Iowa. The grounds, hospitality, and chapter support at all locations have been amazing every year. Is  your chapter interested in hosting an Invitational in the future?  If so, please contact the NAVHDA Central Office.

Invitational Hosting Requirements:


Fields:  Three fields of at least 100 acres each. Cover sufficient to hide birds (chukars) with at least some areas that allow sight lines to judge backing sequences. Parking for fields that is accessible in any weather.
Double Mark Pond:  Minimum of 5 acres in size with natural cover at the banks and an open water retrieving area. Parking area and roads to and from.
Blind Retrieve/Honor by Blind Pond:  A body of water supporting a blind retrieve of approximately 100 yards with no cover in water and a bank on the far shore that allows viewing of dog when it gets to the duck. The shape of the water is important. It must be longer than it is wide so as to not invite a dog to run around the pond instead of swimming across (ie: no round ponds).  The position for Honor by Blind must be approximately 50 yards down shore from the Blind Retrieve site. Again, there must be parking and roads to and from.
Exercise fields:  Minimum of two, not on official Invitational test grounds.
Headquarters:  An area for opening and closing ceremonies including electronics to run a sound system. A building for setup of radio control station, computers, printers (solid building that can be securely locked at night), internet access.
Airport:  A major airport not more than one hour drive to grounds.


Field:  6 single barrel 12 gauge break open shotguns. 6 large bird bags, 3 sets of game shears, ziploc bags (large and small), hand wipes, 9 water tubs, 6 four wheelers or other atv, 6 coolers, 6 pop up tents, 6 flash collars, 10 oranges vests, 12 chairs. Must have at least 2 VC dogs available as bye dogs for the fields each day
Double Mark:  2 wingers, hammer, extra bands for wingers, extra electronics for wingers, two 12 gauge break open guns, one has to be double barrel capable of shooting two blanks, 12 decoys, garbage bags, hand wipes, ziploc bags, boat, life jacket, 2 coolers, 2 tents, 6 chairs, duck dryer.
Blind Retrieve/Honor by Blind:  Winger, extra bands for winger, blind to hide winger, single barrel 12 gauge break-open shotgun, blanks, Bye dogs/Honor by Blind dogs: must have at least 2 UT or VC dogs available to retrieve the duck at the Honor by Blind each day, and a test dog at each water venue and available for set up day.
General: 20 clipboards, rubber bands and pens.


Hotel with a minimum of 120 rooms to be the host hotel. Must allow pets and preferably be willing to provide an early breakfast option on the days we will be there. Thirty minutes to grounds or less.


An on call veterinary clinic within an hour drive (max).
Chapters must be able to provide lunches for all workers, approximately 40-45 workers per day. A banquet facility to host dinner Friday or Saturday night, approximately 100-125 people.
A local bird supplier or suppliers that will contract for chukars and ducks at a reasonable rate ($7 to $9 for chukars and $12 to $15 for ducks.)
Sufficient signage to get participants and spectators to the different venues. Parking signs at venue. Signs to get people to and from exercise fields.
Signs to mark exercise fields. (A total list of needed signs will be given to any chapter that will be hosting the  Invitational.)
The hosting chapter may inquire about renting the signs and other equipment from chapters that have previously hosted the Invitational.