Invitational Test

The NAVHDA Invitational is held annually in various locations throughout the central United States. The invited dogs have all performed at the highest level of competence in the NAVHDA Utility Test, demonstrating the full range of a true versatile hunting dog.

Many of the versatile breeds participate in this event and all dogs are judged according to the standards developed by NAVHDA over the past 50 years.

The test is divided into two groups: Field and Water.

  • Field work consists of field search, pointing, steadiness, backing and retrieving with the dogs being run in braces.
  • Water work consists of a blind retrieve, double-marked retrieve and honoring a retrieve.

Cooperation, obedience, desire and nose are judged throughout the entire test

The Invitational Test is not necessarily the same at each venue or each year because tests can be, and are, modified to accommodate the available terrain and weather conditions. Please note that any modifications are done to achieve the best evaluation of your hunting dog in a hunting scenario that is as true to life as possible.

Dogs successfully completing the Invitational Test with a passing score will receive the title of “Versatile Champion,” further recognized by placing VC before their names.

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