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NAVHDA membership is truly the beginning of a lifelong journey for many people. In addition to the tangible benefits described below, you will discover the most important intangible benefit: becoming an addition to a family of dog lovers, hunters, and supporters of the outdoor way of life.

NAVHDA Membership Information & Benefits:

  • NAVHDA membership is renewed on an annual basis.
  • Each new member will receive the NAVHDA Aims, Programs, and Test Rules booklet, a NAVHDA decal, and NAVHDA informational brochures.
  • Membership in NAVHDA includes a subscription to the monthly magazine Versatile Hunting Dog, which offers in-depth training articles, a calendar of tests and activities, recent test results and much more!
  • NAVHDA maintains and manages Testing and Judge Development programs. Members can test their dogs at any of over 200 tests per year sponsored by local NAVHDA chapters.
  • NAVHDA International maintains a searchable database within our versatile hunting dog Registry. Each registered dog receives a three generation pedigree for a single registration fee. NAVHDA pedigrees list test results of tested parents, grandparents and great grandparents, along with many other types of information including hip dysplasia certification when available.

NAVHDA Code of Conduct