NAVHDA Youth Events Program


The purpose of the NAVHDA Youth Events Program is to financially support the efforts of NAVHDA members, chapters, Youth Development Committees and the Executive Council in developing the next generation of dog enthusiasts, outdoors persons/hunters, and NAVHDA members. Our goal is to financially support local programs that encourage young members to experience the outdoors, particularly hunting. This, in turn, will foster a lifelong love of the outdoor heritage and lifestyle as well as the values that NAVHDA represents.


NAVHDA will consider funding or programs focusing on one or more of the following topics: 
  • The training and care of the versatile hunting dog
  • Hunting related activities
  • Firearms safety, shooting sports, and shooting skills development
  • Wilderness or outdoor related first aid
  • Hunting ethics and good sportsmanship principles
  • Wilderness survival training, map/compass/GPS reading and use
  • NAVHDA youth training day/mock tests (basically anything NAVHDA related event that would be specific to the youth of those chapters)
These events could include camp programs, youth training days, youth shooting skills classes, NAVHDA chapter youth outdoor events, and youth hunts.
Applying for funds works in a few different ways:
  1. A local NAVHDA chapter can request funds to help run an event themselves.
  2. An individual youth member can ask the chapter to sponsor them in an event that they are interested in attending.
In both cases, the Application for Event Funding must be submitted by a NAVHDA chapter for consideration by NAVHDA’s Youth Development Committee. This can be accomplished by sending it to the NAVHDA Central Office.
The NAVHDA Youth Development Programs’ funding is limited each year. The hope is that all qualified requests can be met, but until the committee sees how many applications will come in each year and the amounts requested, they cannot guarantee funds for all.
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            Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0520
Fax:      (847) 255-5987
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