New Chapter Support Program

The New Chapter Support Program is designed to assist in both the initial formation and subsequent development of new local NAVHDA chapters. The intent of this program is not to simply increase the number of chapters to enhance training and testing opportunities, but also to ensure that new chapters have the resources and knowledge to effectively serve the needs of their members. The program has four primary sources of support.

Organizational and Financial Support for the Formation of New Chapters.

    • Prior to sanctioning, and at the request of the potential chapter, NAVHDA International will support the travel for a judge to visit the proposed grounds and provide input regarding the suitability of those grounds for training and testing. The visiting judge will also be available for general guidance regarding ways in which chapters are typically organized, how to organize and prepare for NAVHDA tests, equipment that chapters will need for training and testing, and assistance with completing the New Chapter Application form and applying for the funds described below as needed.
    • NAVHDA International will provide $1000 for each new chapter when that chapter is sanctioned. These funds can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to the purchase of training or testing equipment, the rental/leasing of training or testing property, legal fees for establishing an operating structure, travel for a new chapter member to visit another successfully established chapter to observe and discuss their organization and operation, or other items/expenses that chapters may need to organize and effectively serve the needs of their members. At the end of the first year, chapters will be required to submit a brief report on their progress and how the allocated funds were spent.

Educational Support for Newly Established Chapters. Within the first two years of chapter formation, NAVHDA International will provide one no-fee Aims & Rules clinic for each new chapter. If requested, travel expenses may also be provided for a regional chapter mentor to visit the chapter and provide input on chapter and training day organization, organizing and preparing for NAVHDA tests, best practices for chapter development and success, where and when to buy and keep training birds, etc.

Testing Support for Newly Established Chapters. NAVHDA International will provide the new chapter up to $500 reimbursement for judges’ travel after the chapter’s first test within the first two years of formation.

Training Seminar Support. Although technically not part of the New Chapter Support Program, new chapters are strongly encouraged to apply for additional funding through the Training Seminar Assistance Program, which has been developed to partially fund seminars that would have a lasting impact on local Chapters and their training programs. Although most funded seminars will likely involve hosting an established trainer from out of the local region, proposals centered on other types of seminars that would help ensure future chapter success are also encouraged. Regardless of the format of the seminar, the intent is to help Chapters get the information they need to better train their dogs for testing in the NAVHDA system and, ultimately, upland and waterfowl hunting.

CLICK HERE for the New Chapter Support Program Application.   Be sure to include this completed application with your application for sanction.

This program is subject to annual review and may be modified or discontinued based on NAVHDA’s needs and demands.

 Revised 2022_0502