Out of Region Judges

Since our inception, NAVHDA’s goal has always been to have uniform and consistent judging standards. To this end, we have always tried to mix judges from different areas. Judges are also required to train and test their own dogs and attend Judges Workshops.
Please consider bringing in judges from as far away as possible. When getting your judges for your test, please remember that newly appointed, first year judges should not be on the same judging team.  Doing this we avoid “pockets of different standards” scattered around, and in time that would happen, if we let it.
Suggested Possible Judging Rotation:
First test weekend:  
  • 1 out of region judge (Does not have to be a Senior Judge)
  • 2 from chapter
Second test weekend:
  • 2 from nearby chapter
  • 1 from chapter
Third test weekend:  
  • 3 from nearby chapter


As announced at the 2023 NAVHDA International Annual meeting in January, the Out of Region Judging Map and requirements have been changed.
Eastern United States  (East of the line on the map):
An out of region judge is a judge that resides at least three states away from the Chapter location.

Western United States (West of the line on the map) and all of Canada:
An out of region judge is a judge that resides at least two states or provinces away from the Chapter location.

Out of Region Judges are still required at least every fourth test weekend.

The out of region judging criteria are subject to annual review and revision by the Judging and Testing and Executive Committees.



Updated February, 2023