Register a NAVHDA Kennel Name

Definition & Usage

A kennel name is a word or combination of words and/or letters, which does not exceed fifteen characters in length (spaces included). The kennel name can be used as a prefix or suffix to a dog’s name. The owner of a kennel name can use the name only for dogs they have bred.

Kennel Registration

No more than two people can apply for a protected kennel name. Additional names may be added with a maximum of four names at any one time. At no time can another person use this kennel name. Verbal or written permission is not recognized.


NAVHDA will not knowingly approve an application for registration of a kennel name if the name applied for is:

  • A name now used by a breeder other than the applicant.
  • A name considered by the Appeals Committee to be phonetically identical to a protected kennel name.
  • A color (by itself)
  • Any name, which, if brought to the attention of the Committee, and in the opinion of the Committee, is considered to be misleading or confusing or is considered unsuitable as a kennel name.
  • Exceeds fifteen characters and spaces.
  • Kennel names can not contain any initials that are commonly used titles, the words .com or .net

Kennel Name

Awarding NAVHDA protected kennel names is at the sole discretion of the Registrar. 

Automatic Expiration of Registration

To maintain a kennel name during the 5 year registration period, NAVHDA membership must be maintained. If the primary kennel name owner allows the membership to lapse, cancellation of the registered kennel name shall be automatic. NAVHDA international membership lapses at 1:00 am of the date of expiration.

  • If the owners membership is renewed within 30 day of expiration the registered kennel name as restored.
  • If the owners membership is renewed between 30 and 60 days after expiration a Kennel Registration renewal fee of $75.00 is required. Reinstatement will be made providing this kennel name was not applied for during the expiration period.
  • After 60 days a new Kennel Name Application and a $100.00 application fee will be required.