Completing and Submitting Forms Securely via Encrypted Email


All forms, even those not requiring payment, can be submitted electronically using the instructions below. For your payment security, NAVHDA has contracted with an encrypted email provider so that you can send your membership application & registration forms along with your credit card information without concerns about security. 


How to complete and submit forms:
  • Please note that most internet browsers will not allow you to save pdf forms that you complete within a web page, so you will probably need to save the blank form onto your computer before filling it out. Also note that most mobile devices do not support fillable pdf files, so you will almost certainly need to do this on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • To save the blank form and complete the form for submission, you should first open the form in Forms Express, then right click on the blank form and “Save to” your computer. You should then open the form on your computer using ADOBE PDF READER on a PC or by double clicking on it if you use a mac, complete it, and save it again.
  • Please note that the following forms need to be printed out and signed by all relevant parties before submitting:
    – Litter Registrations
    – Transfer of Ownership
    – Leased Dam Notification
    – Affidavit of Breeding Using Frozen or Chilled Semen
    – Certification of Breeding Using Fresh Semen via Artificial Insemination
    – Certification of Breeding Using Fresh Extended Semen via Artificial Insemination
  • To submit your completed form, fill out the information requested in the boxes below.
  • Please enter  as the recipient’s email, or click the “NAVHDA office” box below and the recipient box will autofill with the correct email address.
  • Click the “Select” box (next to ATTACHMENTS) and attach all of your completed forms.
  • If you get a warning that the security code you entered is incorrect and you have to re-enter the security code, please go back to ATTACHMENTS and re-attach all of your documents before you re-enter the new security code.