Test Entry Guidelines

In order to run in any NAVHDA test, the dog must be registered with NAVHDA and the owner and the handler (if different from the owner) must be members of NAVHDA International. 


Dog NAVHDA Registration Number

All dogs entered in NAVHDA tests must be NAVHDA registered and have a NAVHDA registration number. This number begins with two letters identifying the breed and is NOT the same as a person’s NAVHDA membership number. Neither is it a number issued by any other registry. 

NAVHDA provides a single document that serves as both the registration certificate and the dog’s pedigree. It is light brown in color and folds into fourths.

The certificate lists the name of the owner(s) as recorded by NAVHDA. Only the owner as listed in NAVHDA records will receive certificates, etc.

If you do not have the light brown certificate or the name on the certificate is not yours, you may need to register your dog or complete a “transfer of ownership.”

If you have any problems concerning registration, the NAVHDA Central Office at 847/253-6488 will help. The office is generally staffed during business hours Monday through Friday.


Note that with proper documentation the Central Office can issue a number under urgent conditions, e.g. in order to enter a test at the last minute.

NAVHDA Membership Number

Every member of NAVHDA International has a membership number. The number can be found on the mailing label of the Versatile Hunting Dog magazine or on the Membership Roster.