NAVHDA Training Seminar Assistance Program

What is it? The NAVHDA Training Seminar Assistance Program was developed to partially fund training seminars that would have a lasting impact on local Chapter training programs. Although most funded seminars will likely involve hosting an established trainer from out of the local region, proposals centered on other types of seminars are also encouraged. Regardless of the format of the seminar, the intent is to help Chapters get the information they need to better train their dogs for testing in the NAVHDA system and, ultimately, upland and waterfowl hunting.

Who should apply? Only proposals from Chapters clearly needing training assistance will be considered. We most strongly encourage proposals from newer Chapters whose membership has limited training experience and that don’t have the financial means to fully support outside seminar speakers. Proposals from established Chapters with a clearly defined gap in their training expertise will also be considered. Proposals from long-established Chapters with an experienced membership and broad knowledge base will be our lowest priority.

When should we apply? Any time between Jan 1st and July 1st, but we strongly encourage Chapters to submit their proposals as early in the year as possible. Note also that proposals must be submitted at least 3 months prior to the intended event to permit sufficient time for proposal review and for planning and execution by the Chapter. 

What are the details regarding funding? NAVHDA will provide up to a maximum of $500 in matching funds for each supported proposal. In other words, if the TOTAL cost of the seminar is $700, NAVHDA will provide the Chapter with $350, matching the Chapter’s contribution of $350. On the other hand, if the TOTAL cost of the seminar is $1500, NAVHDA will provide $500. Allowable expenses include, but are not limited to, travel, lodging, and food for the seminar speaker(s), cost of birds and shells, and lunch expenses for the seminar. Funds will not be awarded for the purchase of permanent equipment. If approved, NAVHDA will provide half of the funds prior to the funded seminar and half after receiving a brief written description of the completed seminar. Although we expect that chapters may make some money from the sponsored seminar, it is not the intent of this program to provide seed money for a Chapter fund-raiser.

Who will review the submitted proposals? Proposals will be reviewed by a committee composed of both EC and non-EC members.

How does my chapter apply? You can find the application form here.