Youth Programs



NAVHDA encourages family participation in our organization. To that end, we are offering educational and testing opportunities for youth (under 19 year old).


Kristin Rieser Youth Aims & Rules Clinic Program

The Aims & Rules Clinic is an educational tool developed by NAVHDA to help dog owners and handlers understand the testing system. During the two-day clinic weekend, participants experience all aspects of a Natural Ability, Utility Preparatory, and Utility test.

The Kristin Rieser Youth Aims & Rules Clinic Program is a great opportunity for NAVHDA youth members to expand their knowledge of dog training and learn about the NAVHDA testing system.


NAVHDA Youth Testing Incentive Program

The purpose of the NAVHDA Youth Testing Incentive Program is to encourage young NAVHDA members to participate in NAVHDA testing through partial reimbursement of their test entry fees.

NAVHDA Youth Events Program

The purpose of the Youth Events Program is to financially support the efforts of NAVHDA members, chapters, Youth Development Committee or Executive Council in developing the next generation of dog enthusiasts, outdoors persons/hunters, and NAVHDA members. Our goal is to support novel programs that will enhance young members’ opportunities to experience the outdoors, particularly hunting. This, in turn, will foster a lifelong love of the outdoor heritage and lifestyle as well as the values that NAVHDA represents.